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Caledonian International School Career Counselling Program is reaching new heights of Success:

Director: Srijal Gupta

A press conference was organized on behalf of Caledonian International School under the chairmanship of Chairman Sahib Dayal Gupta and Director Srijal Gupta, In which they jointly said that the career counselling program of Caledonian Universityi is reaching new heights of success. Through our career counselling program students have been successful in getting allocation to leading universities in USA and India. 

The same Principal Shagun Gupta said that

received by our students

The allotment made includes, all the assumptions of the selection order of the University have been followed. Our students have received grants between $26,000 and $100,000 from universities across the United States. We welcome and congratulate them. At Caledonian University we focus on building the profile of our students, promoting their academic, professional and personal development. Our aim is to guide our students towards their dreams and help them achieve their

Remain alert for the highest primary education. One of the main goals of our program is to create a completely personalized experience for students in their profile creation. Our prime area of ​​focus is to develop their educational and professional stimulation, so that they can become an excellent person in their field. We can proudly say that our students, like Lakshya, Chandan, Aarav, Shikhar, and Krishnav, have worked with us and we can assure the community that we are completely dedicated to their success.