Primary Years Program

Primary School Program

Primary School Programme (Grades Pre Nursery-5) Caledonian International School, Pathankot
Caledonian International School is an IB World School, which offers the Primary Years Programme of The International Baccalaureate, thus providing, its students to experience. continuous international educational experience from Early Childhood through to School The Primary School offers the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate l from Grade Nursery up to 5. It also offers a Pre-Primary Programme in the Pre-Nursery, which is for 2.6 to 3.6-year-olds.

The Primary Years Programme aims to develop the whole child. All experiences and learning in School focus on the intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth of the student. TheI Curriculum offered is thus engaging, relevant, significant and challenging for students to be active participants in their learning journey. The students are equipped with the necessary skills

dispositions to make connections with the world outside and to apply their and understanding to solve problems in real-life situations. In the PYP, a balance is sought between the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, development of conceptual understanding, demonstration of positive attitudes, and taking responsible action.

 Through this model of trans-disciplinary learning, students engage with a range of subjects: Languages (English and Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, Arts (Music, Dance and Visual Arts) and Personal, Social and Physical Education. Information and Communication Technology is integral to all teaching and learning processes and thus focuses on skills and promotes the responsible use of technology and information.

 The learning across the subjects is facilitated through the ‘Inquiry Pedagogy’, for students to actively construct the meaning of the world around them, and for purposeful learning. Inquiry allows each student’s understanding of the world to develop in c manner and at a rote unique to that learner.

The IB’s learner Profile is integral to the curriculum and is the embodiment of IB’s philosophy of international education. It describes the attributes and outcomes of education for international-mindedness

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