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"Unlocking Innovation: A Conversation with Harish Dayama, & Amrit Singh at TEDx Caledonian International"

Director: Srijal Gupta

Through the Awaaz podcast series, we explore the inspiring journeys of two distinguished civil servants who have made remarkable contributions to public service and societal development. The TEDx committee brings together Harish Dayama, an esteemed IPS officer and SSP of Gurdaspur, and Amrit Singh, an accomplished IAS officer and Director of Social Justice and Higher Education, Punjab, to share the pathways they followed to reach their goals.

Harish Dayama, with his extensive experience in law enforcement, provides a riveting account of his journey from his early aspirations to becoming a senior police officer. He discusses the rigorous preparation and dedication required to succeed in the civil services examinations, as well as the determination needed to navigate the challenges of a career in law enforcement. Harish highlights key moments in his career that defined his leadership style and commitment to justice, offering listeners valuable insights into the resilience and strategic thinking essential for effective public service.

Amrit Singh, on the other hand, brings a wealth of knowledge from her role in administration and social justice. She recounts her path from a strong academic background to her pivotal role in shaping policies that promote equity and higher education in Punjab. Amrit delves into the complexities of policy-making, the importance of inclusive development, and the impact of her work on marginalized communities. Her story emphasizes the importance of empathy, integrity, and a vision for social change in achieving significant milestones in public administration.

Together, their narratives provide a comprehensive guide for aspiring civil servants and changemakers. Their discussion underscores the importance of perseverance, continuous learning, and an unwavering commitment to public service. These episode’s are a must-listen for anyone inspired by the transformative power of dedicated and innovative leadership in the public sector. Tune in to gain invaluable insights and be motivated by the remarkable achievements of these two trailblazing officers.